Victoria BC's only Latin dance cafe! Your place to dine, dance and learn Salsa & Argentine Tango

Welcome to Cafe Casablanca
We are a Latin dance cafe offering dancing and instruction for Tango and Salsa Dancing.








Cafe Casablanca is victoria's only latin dance restaurant. We offer salsa and argentine tango dancing and lessons 7 days a week. We have Tango Pacifico on Tuesdays and Fridays at the cafe, along with tango lessons once a week before the milonga. Salsa lessons are offered 6 days a week by various salsa instructors. We offer salsa dancing and or lessons every day.

We are the only full time Salsa and Tango dance restaurant in Victoria, BC, Canada. We cater to the dance community and anyone interested in getting to know Salsa and/or Tango or just enjoy a good meal while watching Salsa or Tango. Cafe Casablanca is at the core of victoria's Salsa and Tango community.
We invite you to come and see what Tango and Salsa in victoria is all about.
All of our Salsa and Tango lessons are taught by licensed tango and salsa instructors.
Don't forget to say hi to Rick and Elsa.
Keep in touch for special events and guest tango and salsa instructors from around the world.

$2.00 minimum charge per person, in effect at all times at the cafe.


Saturday Night Salsa!

Saturday night is our big Salsa night of the week. There is a free salsa lesson with paid admission. Lesson starts at 8:30, salsa dancing starts at 9:30.


Tango Every Friday night!

Hosted practica from 8-9 during the summer months. Lessons by request until we resume the regular lesson schedule in September. Stay posted for special events and guest instructors.

Tango Tuesdays

Milonga starting at 9pm on tuesdays.

Cafe Casablanca - 2524 Bridge Street
Victoria, BC, Canada - 1.250.389.0222